Publishing on GitHub

This is a quick post on how to use the GitHub for Windows to upload a project or file, as opposed to using the command line. Personally I find that the GUI makes it very easy to manage and access all your projects or creating branches to projects.

  1. If you’re creating a new repository click on the plus sign at the top left corner to create one. Please take note of the directory, most of the time it will create it in MyDocuments\GitHub\Your_Project
  2. If you have an existing repository with an existing project inside the GitHub folder, theres no need to create a new repository. Instead find your existing repository on the left side
  3. When you’ve created a repository, it also creates a repository folder within the GitHub folder. Any available files or folders that are in the GitHub project folder will get uploaded online
  4. Once you have placed any project files/source code inside the repository folder, simply click on Publish Repository on the top right part of the window.
  5. If you are updating a repository simply click Sync to upload any new files or changes
  6. Its also great practice to commit a README file online to your repository as it gives a good overview of the repository

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