Everything about creating a database in android.

Learn Prg.

We will be having a layout where the user inputs a given text and stors it in a database.
So in design pahse th erequirements.

1.A layout that has a class for getting the user input data.
2.A layout that has a class for displaying the user input data.

3.A handler class that manages the DataBase querries.
4.A Bean class to get and set the user data.

The process…
1.Taking in the user input data from the layout.
(a)Creating the Obj. of the DbHandler class

 final DbHandler db = new DbHandler(this);

(b)getting the data inside the OnClick even of the Button.

 public void onClick(View v) {
 String Title = title.getText().toString();
 String Notes = notes.getText().toString();

(c)Using the Obj. to call the Addtask(new Task(Title, Notes)) method, where passing the the titles and notes as a new instance.

db.Addtask(new Task(Title, Notes));

(d)calling finish().

(e)passing the intent to Next class.

 Intent ii =…

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