Create a Pacman using C


in this article we will learn about, how to create an old and famous game Pacman.

in this article i will tell you only the basic structure of pacman which may help you to crate a full game, if you want.

before creating and running a program you have to do these steps.

  • C compiler must be installed in your computer, if you haven’t then download it from this link  turbo C compiler
  • please try to install the compiler in its default path.
  • after installation or if you have installed already, then go to folder TC->BGI.
  • and copy 2 files from there that is  EGAVGA.BGI & CGA.BGI
  • paste these 2 files in TC->BIN
  • after that, open your program and click on option->linker->libraries, and select computer graphics library there.
  • after that you can compile and run the program

here is the source code of pacman game (Not Full Game)

#include <graphics.h>

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