MySQL Statements (Vocabulary List)

Esoteric Excel/VBA/Dashboard Training

* – in SQL language, a star refers to all fields in a table.

– in SQL language is programming script that is used to surround text values.

– in SQL language, the backslash before the apostrophe allows the apostrophe to be used in a text context, since a standalone apostrophe is part of the programming language.  An alternative is to use ” (two single quotes) to “escape” a single quote.

AND – when you want to include two conditions in a single query, you can combine conditions through the use of the AND keyword.

BETWEEN … AND … – When querying we can use these keywords to identify a number, say, between 30 and 60. (30 and 60 are included, the equivalent of using <= and >=)  Alternatively, we can search a text field for a word in the alphabet between ‘G’ and ‘K’, (which would include…

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