Saving a text file using a specific encoding in C# .NET

Exercises in .NET with Andras Nemes

The StreamWriter object constructor lets you indicate the encoding type when writing to a text file. The following method shows how simple it is:

We saw in this post how to get hold of a specific code page. We also saw that if you only use characters in the ASCII range, i.e. positions 0-127 then most encoding types will handle the string in a uniform way.

Call the above method like this:

So we’ll have 4 files at the end each named after the encoding type. Depending on the supported code pages on your PC Notepad may or may not be able to handle the encoding types. Notepad should not have any problem with UTF8 and UTF16. The UTF7 file will probably look OK, whereas UTF32 will most likely look strange. In my case the UTF32 file content looked like this:

I a m f e e l i n…

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