Abstract data types vs Data structures

A brick short

C++ data structures is another course am learning this semester. This course is a pre-requisite for all non-Computer Science students. I have already learnt and implemented all the C++ data structures in a private course during my undergraduate studies, but not with the same understanding am learning them these days. Frankly I dont know much about data structures during my work experience. So I consider this course as an opportunity to get my hands on C++ again and implement various datastructures.

First thing I got to know is.. the difference between the abstract data types (ADT) and datastructures. Earlier I thought they are same.

Before starting that, we need to be clear about the logical and implementation level of data. Let us take an example of a simple built-in data type integer. At the logic level, we application programmers know only about what are the operations an integer data type…

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