15 App and Project Ideas

So its a worldwide quarantine. Everyone is getting creative, perhaps cooking, painting, coding, exercising, other hobbies too. And that means there’s curiosity to build and create. Whether you’re learning a new framework or language, or you’re building on top of what you know, or simply seeking to get better at something and build cool projects. I too, am hoping to write more on here, and share some interesting tutorials, as I’m also spending more time on Android, and the web. I recently stumbled across this excellent article on Medium, which outlines some fantastic ideas for projects and apps you or anyone can build.

15 App and Project Ideas by Florin Pop: https://blog.bitsrc.io/15-app-ideas-to-build-and-level-up-your-coding-skills-28612c72a3b1

What I particularly liked about this article was that it took a much fresher approach in that each idea outlines:

  1. Clear objectives
  2. A list of user stories to be implemented (and this you can use tools if you wanted to learn some Dev-Ops tools to track them)
  3. Bonus features to take on
  4. Various resources and links to help you (such as APIs, libraries, etc)

All the app ideas on that article are split into 3 tiers, beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Happy coding, and building. Stay safe and healthy 🙂

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