More project ideas

I’ve gotten into more front-end lately, and I’m exploring data science courses as well. Having more project ideas can only stimulate creativity and really drive learning better. Please do take a look at this list. Happy coding, happy designing, stay safe, and here’s to more content, and a cool portfolio!

50 Cool Web and Mobile project ideas:

Free APIs (RapidAPI):

40 JavaScript Project Ideas:


“A lot of people struggle when it comes to thinking of project ideas. Here is a list of 50 cool project ideas that you could build. I will even give you my technical stack as an example so you can figure out how you could do it too. These applications can be on the web, mobile and desktop. There is an unlimited choice of tools, technologies and programming languages that you could use to build them I am only showing some use cases here. Each project has a programming level of either beginner, intermediate or advanced. And these applications are created to be either front-end, back-end or full-stack.”

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