Greetings 🙂

My name is Karim. The main purpose of this blog I started is that its supposed to be a quick reference to any concepts related to code. Basically, if you (or even I) forget how something works, or just need a refresher, this blog can be useful. You could even learn a few concepts if you have no prior knowledge. And I do post interesting articles/content from time to time. By teaching others, I find that I understand better and refine my skills.

Mostly I post my code in C# because I have a lot of experience in it. Occasionally, I will do things in C++, JavaScript, and post some Android SDK stuff in Java & XML. Unless I reblog something, any code written on here is of my own.

I graduated from the University of Washington (Bothell) obtaining a B.S. in Computer Science & Software Engineering. I enjoy learning from others, and the process behind problem solving. Besides code, I enjoy soccer, biking, and other miscellaneous activities. Right now, I am currently job seeking and doing some tutoring on the side as self employment.


  • C#:
      • 2 years in high school
      • community college courses
      • ASP.net MVC as an intern
  • Java: Android development in my free time
  • C++: My university coursework including data structures & algorithms, networking, Linux based development
  • JS, HTML, CSS: familiarity with building responsive websites using Bootstrap, JQuery, and JavaScript



Tools I’m familiar with:

  • Visual Studio.
  • Eclipse with Android SDK.
  • Code::Blocks.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver.
  • Easy68K (for Assembly programming).
  • PyCharm (for Python).
  • DB Browser for SQLite.

Curriculum Vitae (Résumé)


Please email or write a comment with any suggestions, questions, etc. Leaving feedback tells me whether or not what I’m doing is correct, and gives me ideas for improvement. So please leave some comments!

Visit my GitHub page to see some projects

Connect with me on LinkedIn.


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